Life is like a hike and perhaps a quilt

Piecing a quilt, then guiding sewing stitches on a path across the ‘sandwich’ of fabric. Hiking a new or familiar trail, eyes open and watching where the path takes us. Welcome to our memoirs, blogs, photos, even occasional stories. Like Antoine de Sainty-Exupery’s view of The Little Prince taming the fox, life events have tamed our hearts, and we want to share with you.


  • 5 Miles To School, 5 Miles Back; All Uphill

    5 Miles To School, 5 Miles Back; All Uphill

    Yet, there was something else … there was honor in the one being challenged just showing up.

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  • OldTrails, Old Tales

    OldTrails, Old Tales

    Walk with me a bit to a couple spots along a memorable trail.

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  • Beautiful Wilderness Site

    Beautiful Wilderness Site

    Wherever you go, there you are.

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  • Stride on Freshly Lain Carpet?

    Stride on Freshly Lain Carpet?

    I have several distinct walking/hiking gaits … for each surface I walk down life’s trails.

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  • Quilted Trails

    Quilted Trails

    A simple hospital quilt, given at a time of need, sparked awareness of patterns and pathways drawing mind’s eye to different memories and comforts. She was in the hospital. Earlier, unusual pain and gripping sensation had led us to a sonographer’s examination. After stepping away for a few moments, our sonographer came back and said…

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  • Light boxes?  What next … Talk boxes?

    Light boxes? What next … Talk boxes?

    Life is soooo easy these days. Swiping a finger across a glowing screen can send messages, select restaurants, search the world for new information, and a myriad of other actions of wonder. “Texter’s thumb” is even a slightly outdated term. Like George Jetson, exhaustion awaits in the doing of every digital selection on my cell…

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